1. Find your way to Ga-400 at Hwy 141 (Peachtree Parkway)
2. Travel north on Ga-400 for 26.3 miles to US 19 (Chestatee Street). If you travel to Dahlonega, this is how you probably go.
3. Turn left on Chestatee Street toward Dahlonega.
4. Follow Chestatee Street 5.1 miles to Morrison Moore Parkway.
5. Turn right on Morrison Moore Parkway. This is basically a bypass of US 19 around downtown Dahlonega). There are signs that show Morrison Moore Parkway as US 19. There is a gas station/convenience store on the corner.
6. Continue on Morrison Moore Parkway/Hwy 19 for 8 miles to the intersection of Hwy 60.
7. Keep right on US 19 (Hwy 60 bears left up Woody Gap).
8. Follow US 19 for about 5 miles until it deadends at U.S. 129 (Turner's Corner General Store is about ¼ mile before 129 on the right. They cater to bicyclists so you can stock up on drinks, bars, even some bike stuff like tubes. They have restroom facilities which you are welcome to use).
9. Turn left (north) on U.S. 129.
10. Go 10 miles over Neal's Gap to Vogel State Park on the left (if you get to Hwy 180, you've gone too far).
11. Follow the entrance road to the park headquarters building.

From the starting point, this drive will take around an 1:20.

Directions to Vogel State Park
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