Team Alpha
*elevation verified with GPS

Berkeley Lake Loop and Old Peachtree

Distance 28.8 miles. Elev. 607 feet

Berkeley Lake Loop - Short

Distance 16 miles. Elev. 344 feet

Berkeley Lake Loop - 20 Mile Route

Distance 20.1 miles. Elev. 1,079 feet*

Berkeley Lake 20 Mile Loop - Pond Rd Extension

Distnce 20.6 Miles. Elev. 449 feet

Berkeley Lake - Suwanee Creek Loop

Distance 30.3 miles. Elev. 745 feet

Berkeley Cardinal Loop

Distance 30.75 miles. Elev. 1,648 feet*

Berkeley Cardinal Alternate Loop

Distance 29.2 miles. Elev. 623 feet

Berkeley Lake Duluth Loop

Distance 32.42 miles. Elev. 722 feet

Brookhaven Loop

Distance 25.1 miles. Elev. 535 feet

Buford Dam via Aberdeen

Distance 42.7 miles. Elev. 1,177 feet

Buford Dam via Old Atlanta

Distance 43.7 miles. Elev. 1,127 feet

Buford Dam/Lake Lanier Islands/City of Buford

Distance 66.2 miles. Elev. 3,511 feet*

Buford Dam - City of Buford - Short Loop

Distance 48.2 miles. Elev. 1,190 feet

Buford Dam - City of Buford via Sawmill Rd

Distance 52.2 miles. Elev. 2,816 feet*

Buford Dam and the City of Buford - Long Loop

Distance 59.26 miles. Elev. 1,535 feet

Chamblee Doraville Loop

Distance 31.13 miles. Elev. 663 feet

City of Buford - Short Loop

Distance 47.5 miles. Elev. 1,164 feet

City of Buford via Buford Highway

Distance 53.0 miles. Elev. 1,319 feet

City of Buford via Buford Highway - Alternate

Distance 52.77 miles. Elev. 1,302 feet

Columns Drive - Crabapple Loop

Distance 52.8 miles. Elev. 1,453 feet

Columns Drive - Crabapple Loop Long

Distance 59.12 miles. Elev. 1,548 feet

Crabapple - Sandy Springs

Distance 41.67 miles. Elev. 1,213 feet

Crabapple - Mountain Park Loop

Distance 54.39 miles. Elev. 1,512 feet

Crabapple - Mountain Park Loop Long

Distance 52.2 miles. Elev. 1,286 feet

Dunwoody Loop

Distance 18.9 miles. Elev. 551 feet

Dunwoody Peachtree Corners Loop

Distance 28.9 miles. Elev. 748 feet

Dunwoody Roswell Loop

Distance 34.06 miles. Elev. 1,102 feet

Dunwoody Roswell Loop via Westside Parkway

Distance 34.15 miles. Elev. 1,059 feet

Lake Lanier Islands Loop

Distance 64.88 miles. Elev. 1,627 feet

Norcross to Amicalola Falls State Park

Distance 51.06 miles. Elev. 1,807 feet

Roswell - Westside Parkway - Webb Bridge Loop

Distance 37.06 miles. Elev. 1,056 feet

Windward Loop - Clockwise

Distance 33.17 miles. Elev. 833 feet

Windward Loop - Counter clockwise

Distance 35.32 miles. Elev. 1,778 feet*

Windward Loop Via Mathis Airport

Distance 29.58 miles. Elev. 1,585 feet*

Front Gaps - Clockwise

Distance 34.15 miles. Elev. 3,896 feet

Front Gaps - Counter clockwise

Distance 34.51 miles. Elev. 3,896 feet

Back Gaps - Clockwise

Distance 45.6 miles. Elev. 4,976 feet

5 Gaps from Turner's Corner

Distance 67.17 miles. Elev. 6,345 feet

6 Gaps from Turner's Corner

Distance 84.75 miles. Elev. 8,723 feet
Peachtree Corners Cycling Club (PC3) is a social club of cycling enthusiasts. (PC3) does not undertake to provide any advice or guidance regarding, or supervision of, any club activity or to ensure in any way the safety of any member. Anyone choosing to take part in any club-related activity does so at his or her own risk. Any rider under 18 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.
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I have now completed the switch to MapMyRide for all our regularly ridden routes sorry about the ads). I have added quite a few that were not previously listed. These routes were good the last time I rode them, which in some cases has been awhile. Be aware that things change so I can't make any promises that you'll find things as I last saw them. Ride with that in mind! And obviously, just like in real life, you are responsible for yuor safety and you ride at your own risk. I have discovered that MaapMyRide does a really bad job of calculating elevation gain. In most cases they are way under! If a route has an asterisk next to the elevation gain, I have verified it with GPS and it should be pretty close.
All rides start and end at the Fowler YMCA in Peachtree Corners (just north of Dunwoody). Click here for directions